• М. Н. Джалалов
  • С. В. Бутнік
  • І. В. Говоруха


he article is devoted to the analysis of the assessment of direct losses for the restoration of fixed resources destroyed and damaged as a result of hostilities. The analysis and assessment of direct physical damage was carried out according to the data of open sources of information on the situation of damaged real estate objects. The distribution and evaluation of direct losses of the number of destroyed and damaged objects are investigated. The assessment methodology involves the use of indirect methods, statistical data and certain assumptions, in particular regarding the amount of damage in territories where active hostilities are still ongoing, the physical examination of which is limited due to danger (for example, mining of territories), or which are in the territories occupied by the aggressor. Examples of restored housing stock on the example of Kharkov are given.
Analysis of the data shows that active rocket and artillery attacks on cities, as part of the tactics of warfare, lead to massive destruction of housing in cities, especially those that are near or on the front line. According to preliminary estimates, as a result of the fighting of the Russian Federation, a significant number of cities and towns are damaged or destroyed, more than 50% of the total housing stock. This creates the need not only for the reconstruction of individual buildings, but also for the comprehensive reconstruction of cities, the development of new urban planning documentation, etc.
Statistical analysis shows that the housing stock of those regions that were under occupation or in unabated proximity to the front line suffered the greatest destruction. At the same time, the receipt of information about the actual (compared to the previous assessment) state of damage to objects in the liberated and controlled territories of Ukraine is used as an instruction to clarify assumptions about the level of damage and the volume of destruction. The final assessment of the amount of damage and destruction is possible only after the end of hostilities in Ukraine.
The article provides a nomenclature of the order of work on the dismantling of destroyed buildings and structures, the sequence of decisions necessary to conduct a survey of damaged housing facilities, namely apartment buildings.

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