• П. Є. Григоровський
  • O. В. Горда
  • Н. П. Чуканова


The paper proposes and describes an approach to the study of a construction object based
on information modeling in the management of the construction process and information modeling with<
in the life cycle. The concepts of information environments, information and modeling in construction
have been developed. An informational approach to the construction, equipment, operation, wear and
tear, reconstruction and repair of a building in order to effectively manage the life cycle of an object,
which provides for the collection and complex processing in the design process of all architectural,
design, organizational, technological, technical, economic and other information about a building with
all its interconnections and dependencies, when the building and everything related to it are considered
as a single object will allow design, construction and operating organizations to comprehensively, com<
prehensively integrate and analyze problems in building projects during its life cycle.

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