• С. В. Павлій


Тhe economic going is generalized near інтелектуалізації of building and building. Featu
res and prospects of introduction of these systems are analysed in the home and foreign planning of
housing environment, gradation of building is educed on the cost of intellectualization of a 1м2 building
in дол. of the USA depending on the categories of accommodation and economic efficiency of intellec
tual houses .
The analysis of definitions and explanations of systems of "intellectual house" from which is conducted
it follows that this system pursues two main goals — providing comfort owner of the building and ener
gy saving. It is proved that the features of systems "intellectual house "can be attributed and significant
economic benefits, in particular, the gradation of buildings at the cost of intellectualization 1m2 buil
ding in dollars. US depending on housing category. In Ukraine, such an effect can be expected in 1015
years, which will enable improve the state's energy independence, and the need to develop and Impro
vement of such systems confirms the relevance of this research.

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