• М. Л. Черняк
  • С. Ю. Пахомов


The article focuses on analyzing the evolution of economic thought and concepts of innovation throughout different historical periods. Initially, innovations were associated with the humanitarian sphere but later were viewed as a technological phenomenon subject to general economic laws. The study explores how the perception of the role of innovations in economic development has changed, from mercantilism theories to contemporary approaches to the innovation process. It examines the main approaches to innovation, their impact on production policy and market relations within the cultural-historical development of society. The article covers a wide range of historical periods, from antiquity to the present, highlighting the importance of innovation as a key factor in economic dynamics and their role in creating a stable, ecologically safe future. It sheds light on the contributions of distinguished scholars to the development of innovation theories and points out the importance of novelties in solving contemporary economic crises. The article also focuses on how the perception of innovation in economic theory and practice has changed. It defines the innovation process, based on scientific and technological progress, as consisting of several stages such as scientific research, technology development, industrial implementation, creation of new products, and their commercialization. These stages are interconnected and crucial for the success of the innovation process. Civilizational progress requires development and innovation but also poses ecological problems. A new innovation policy encourages resource conservation, increased productivity, and competitiveness of production, reorientation of the economy towards processing industries, and the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies. The solution lies in a balanced approach that combines scientific and technological development with ecological sustainability through efficient resource use and eco-innovations.

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