• О. І. Менейлюк
  • І. О. Менейлюк
  • В. В. Русский


The article is dedicated to the investigation of the state of buildings and structures damaged as a result of military actions. These objects in Ukraine are located both deep in the rear and near the frontline. Within the scope of the study, two cases of the impact of military actions are considered: the first - hits near the building; the second - direct hits on the building or a high-power explosion near the building. In the first case, almost all cases simultaneously experience damage to exterior wall finishes, filling of openings (windows and doors), and roofing. In the second case, damages characteristic of the first case are usually present, but additionally, there is partial destruction of load-bearing structures and damage (or destruction) of associated elements.
Within the study, the destructive impact of military actions in both cases is considered for all identified types of buildings in statistical analysis. Specifically, examples of damaged and completely destroyed brick, large-block, panel, frame buildings, and other objects (which are either unique or whose type could not be determined by constructional characteristics) are examined.
The results of the study establish that frame-monolithic buildings are the most resistant to the impact of military actions, while panel buildings are the least resistant. It is found that the overall nature of the damage does not depend on the type of building or whether it was directly hit. However, each type of building may have defects or damage specific only to them (for example, large cracks in brick buildings).
The results of the scientific analysis of the impact of military actions on buildings and structures enable further research in the field of restoring damaged construction objects. Specifically, making decisions regarding the construction of new, more resilient buildings against non-project impacts, and considering their organizational and technological features in construction; considering the nature of the damage and the characteristics of organizational and technological solutions in the comprehensive process of restoring buildings and structures.

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