• А. В. Бабак


The article deepens domestic research on life cycle management in construction in relati
on to residential real estate. In contrast to the established practice of using the market value of apart
ments in management, it is proposed to determine the value of housing for its ownerscoowners of the
house as the sum of costs at all organizational stages of the life cycle of the house: preparation, construc
tion, maintenance and operation. The objects of ownership are separated — apartments and nonresi
dential premises, a house and a land plot as centers of cost formation and life cycle cost management.
In contrast to the use of various objects of cost calculation (works, services), the proposed indicators of
the cost of structural and spatial elements of the house, as well as land. The fundamental problems of
different approaches to determining the value of the house from the developer and coowners (mana
ger) are shown. Methods for determining the value of the part of the life cycle of the house, which falls
on the determined owner of the apartment, taking into account his share in the coownership of the
house. On the example of the statistics of the EU countries, the annual expenditures of households on
housing are determined, on the basis of which it is shown that they take into account the cost of life cycle
and the corresponding underestimation of statistical indicators of expenditures on housing and utilities
in Ukraine.

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