• Д. Ф. Гончаренко
  • И. А. Менейлюк


The article contains the results of the choice of the most effective waterproofing arrangement
technology using multicriteria analysis. The relevance of the study was confirmed by the large amount
of waterproofing work in the CIS countries, the rapid development of new technologies, their selection
need according to many criteria at once. A research methodology has been developed. The main steps for
multicriteria analysis are selected: analysis of information sources on the topic; identification of tech
nologies for analysis, the most significant effectiveness criteria; search for criteria values for each of the
considered technologies; assessment of the criteria significance and selection of the most efficient tech
nology. There were chosen different waterproofing arrangement technologies (mounted waterproofing
(bentonite mats), sprayed waterproofing (liquid rubber), penetrating waterproofing, painting water
proofing, pasting waterproofing) and the most important effectiveness criteria (water absorption wit
hin 24 hours; consumption per 1m2; staff qualification; frost resistance; durability; cost of materials;
the labor complexity of the entire scope of work) based on the analysis of informational sources. Each
of the technologies was briefly characterized. Evaluations by performance criteria were confirmed by
references to information sources. The tables were constructed containing the values of the effectiven
ess criteria of the relevant waterproofing technology, in natural and scoring gauges. The technology
comparison chart was shown. There were also identified significance ranks of the effectiveness criteria
by experts interviewing. On this basis, integrated performance evaluations were calculated. The choice
of the most rational waterproofing technology was made mounted waterproofing by bentonite mats.
The novelty of the research lies in the development and implementation of a reasonable approach to the
choice of waterproofing technology. The practical significance of the study is to collect the values of the
effectiveness criteria of various types of waterproofing and choose the most rational one.

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